Following latest fashion is not only a matter of pride, but has also become a status symbol. Fashion is a great way to reflect your personality and create the right effect on people’s mind. Probably, this is the reason why our dressing differs from occasion to occasion, age to age and time to time. Though, the sole motive remains the same all the time and that is leaving a good lasting impression on your viewers. It’s a known fact that women’s cosmetics are much more in variety compared to men. But now, we can see the eagerness of men increasing day by day for self grooming. They have also become very fashion conscious. Most men have become adoptive to latest trends in clothing. Even newest hairstyles and shaves are very well accepted. But cosmetics and accessories section are still somewhat untouched. We will not find many people experimenting with these.

Belts play a very important part in men’s fashion. Since long, the use of belts is considered to be limited to just holding up your pants, but in reality it is much more than you think in today’s fashionable world. Varieties of belt styles can be found in the market. Thankfully internet shopping has made things even easier. Shopping has become a breeze for people, especially men (who are known to hate shopping). Lot of people don’t take much time shopping for belts and choose any colour they like at the first glance. No wonder such men end up making a fashion disaster. The same way you plan so much while shopping for other stuffs for yourself, belts should also be purchased with some fashion plan in mind. You need to have some mix and match clothing idea in your mind before picking up a belt.

You cannot afford to pick a belt randomly in case you are planning to buy one nice designer belt. Buckles are very prominent and they should be picked with proper fashion care. You also might have a budget crunch and so you need to plan your purchase. The market is flooded with colourful designer belts, but what would be your pick. We often get carried away with nice colours, but that is not the first priority. Rather than looking for good colours, opt for colours that will look good on you and suit your attire. We are often blind followers of fashion. If we see someone wearing a nice designer belt, we also make up our mind to get a similar one. We don’t even bother to see the personality of the person or the clothes he has paired with that belt. The person might be very different in terms of body build up and body tone from us, but knowingly we commit such mistake and just follow fashion blindly. It’s a fashion crime not only in the section of belts, but everything we wear from head to toe. Finally, try and then pick. Even belts have sizes and fitting, so always try them with your jeans and check if that is what you want.


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